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local as heck

A warm, friendly, neighborhood bar and restaurant specializing in delicious food, drinks and great memories!

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An evolving menu

Oval Park Grille is a warm neighborhood restaurant that local area residents can call their own.  We provide a casual, inviting setting to enjoy Executive Chef Josh Coburn's American Southern Cuisine. From classics such as a wedge salad and crispy chicken wings, to NC shrimp and trout. OPG is a culmination of Chef Josh's years of working in a variety of restaurants. Staying as seasonal as possible in the produce used and sourcing from the farmers market the menu is #LOCALASHECK

OPG is located in the diverse community of Durham where it has something to offer all of its residents. Our interests lie in bringing all kinds together, both on our menus and in our customers. OPG is where you can meet new people, enjoy a neighbor's company, talk, engage, debate, and relate. It is where you will find families sharing quality time together, partners on dinner dates, and those who just don't wanna cook or need a friendly face to share a drink with. After a few visits you will feel the warmth and fun centered around delicious food and beverages feeling like OPG is just an extension of your own home.

We strive to create the experience that every customer is looking for when they visit OPG. Where this can be a difficult task, our wonderful staff will make you feel right at home. As they expertly guide you through our diverse menus, finding the perfect pairing for your tastes, you will yourself in a world of delicious cuisine with the warm causal atmosphere of you favorite local bar.

We are big supporters local charities and businesses. Durham Distillery, PORCH-Durham, Latta's Egg Ranch, Schoolhouse of Wonder, LernerSchool, FourLeafFarm, Don'tWasteDurham, the ASPCA, and the E.K. Powe Elementary School composting program.  

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